Races: Others Races that have variant rules
Dragons: While Dragons used to once thrive around Midkemia, dragons are extremely rare and are usually found guarding great loot, usually either very old or very young. Old dragons seek either to destroy adventures or guild them in the right direction, young dragons seek to find riders or desendants of the great ledenary Dragon Lords know as the Valheru.

Valheru: Ancient rulers of the world, the Dragon Lords, a very cocky and powerful race. They created the elven race for them to serve them for all enternity, not much of the race is left only myths and broken statues. No one knows how they perish, not even the elves remember much of their former lords. Their desendants are scattered across Midkemia unknowning what true potential they hold.

Dark Elves: The dark path of elves, known as Moredhel, they were the servants of Valheru that didnt stray from the violence and need for power path. Moredhel are known leaders of golbins and often lead raids on small villages, some Moredhel desert their violent nature and go to Elvandar for redemption.

Elves: Elves live in Elvandar and are found all around Midkemia adventuring. Peaceful and graceful creatures of the wood land

Dwarfs: Dwarfen folk live in the Western Stone Mountain, and are rarely found adventuring outside their captial of Delmoria


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